February 09 2016

Scandinavian distribution for Liquivac

Tomlinson Hall’s revolutionary liquid ring vacuum pump, Liquivac, is to be distributed in Scandinavia by Swedish company Lyma Kemiteknik AB.

Part of the Indutrade group, Lyma Kemiteknik AB is a specialist in corrosive and abrasive flow technology. It offers a range of products from leading pump brands, as well as valves and pipes, and has a long-standing relationship with Tomlinson Hall.

Liquivac, which can handle combinations of liquids, gases and fine solids, and can perform a huge range of operations, will be distributed in Sweden, Norway and Denmark by the firm.

Liquivac pumps are widely used by utilities companies, chemical processors, food and drink producers, environmental engineers, desalination plants and sea life centres, and have a proven track record across a wide range of industry sectors.

Recognised for its durability and reliability, Liquivac’s innovative liquid ring vacuum design can accommodate solids of up to 2mm in diameter during the transfer of liquids, air, foam, emulsions and vapours. The pump’s cast iron or 316 stainless steel pump body, combined with a stainless steel rotating element, makes Liquivac extremely robust in operation, and it is able to transfer volatile liquids or collect waste. It has been designed to operate in an outdoor environment.

Liquivac’s technology is highly effective when used in pump priming systems to increase process efficiency and to protect larger vacuum pumps from damage. It can also provide vacuum cooling during chemical processing. 

Liquivac can operate from long suction lines – 500 metres or more – enabling the pump to be positioned a considerable distance away from a hazardous site, or source of effluent, and can be easily transported due to its small size. In seawater extraction operations, Liquivac can work with sub-sand intakes, which draw seawater through the beach and make use of sand’s natural filtering properties. 

Easy to use and simple to install, Liquivac pumps have been employed by companies including BASF, ConocoPhilips, Bayer, Tata Steel and Veolia.

Colin Simpson, Business Development Director of Tomlinson Hall, said: “We are delighted that Lyma Kemiteknik AB has chosen to distribute Liquivac in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and that the Liquivac brand is associated with such a prominent and well-established company.

“Liquivac is a flexible, versatile pump that serves a very broad range of companies throughout the world – our partnership with Lyma Kemiteknik AB now means that its presence in Scandinavia can be greatly increased, and we look forward to seeing the pump help businesses across the region.”

Magnus Gustavson, Managing Director of Lyma Kemiteknik AB added: “We have a long-standing relationship with Tomlinson Hall and are proud to be associated with one of the UK’s most respected pump distributors and manufacturers. 

“Liquivac enables us to extend our own range with a unique product. We can see great potential for the use of Liquivac pumps in chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, petrochemical facilities and in the energy sector.”

Liquivac is manufactured at Tomlinson Hall’s facility in Billingham, North East England.

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